We help you with all things people and culture, tailored to the size and stage of your company.

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People Experience

You’ve got great people on your team and you want to keep them! A big part of that is making sure they are set up and supported to do their best work.
We develop fit-for-purpose practices that suit the size and stage of your company, including onboarding programmes, career development, compensation plans, engagement surveys, wellbeing programmes, HR-tech, organisation design, internal communications, exits, and more.

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Recruitment Readiness

If you’re looking to grow your team quickly, or simply want to review how you currently hire, we'll help you develop a scalable recruitment process and great candidate experience so that you can attract and hire the right people for your business. We’ll work with you to articulate your employer value proposition, elevate your employer brand, develop impactful job descriptions, design a streamlined recruitment process, and set up a referral programme

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Employment Compliance

There’s a bunch of unavoidable admin when it comes to growing a team. We can create or review employment agreements, review your Employment files and documents, help you set up a system to manage people information, create compliance policies, and support you to meet your health and safety obligations.

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Hard Stuff

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Whether you’re managing change, facing a potential restructure, dealing with a performance or disciplinary issue, or trying to navigate some other challenges, we can help you, and your people, along the way.


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